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Back pain caused by Home Office

Back pain caused by home office

Mark, who works in a home office, initially thought he would be fine in a comfortable chair at home, but ended up with a persistent headache and a 5 cm shoulder deformity

I recently saw Mark (27), who for a year has been working from home using a computer for many hours a day in a multinational company because of his covid situation. For him, the risk of problems from work overload was not a real threat, as he does not have to do any physical work, so he did not think that he would have physical problems from working on the computer. What could go wrong? Just sitting in a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair...

As the weeks spent in the home office under COVID passed, Mark felt more and more that life was becoming increasingly dull and uninteresting for him. Little by little, his complaints increased steadily.

Mark is currently at the point where he has a stiff set in one of his shoulders and a hooded muscle. The muscle has become like concrete to the touch. On top of this, he has regular headaches caused by dysfunction of the muscles in his neck and shoulder girdle. He has daily problems with arm numbness and sometimes intense radiating pain in the shoulder and shoulder blade area when getting dressed or even sitting at his desk at work.

Pain in the head, usually caused by dysfunction of the muscles in the neck or shoulder girdle. We feel the pain in our head but it originates outside our skull. The blood vessels in our head run up our neck, and if these passages become narrowed or partially blocked they can cause circulation problems and pain. The exception is migraines where other biochemical processes are involved.

In addition to the physical pain, a lot of energy is spent constantly searching for a solution to your problem, or even identifying what is causing your discomfort. Mark is exhausted by the end of the day. He finds it harder and harder to concentrate at work, and he finds it harder and harder to cope with working all day.

The daily pain in our lives is similar to the pain of a grinding canvas being used to thin the surface. Every day you feel less because the pain is grinding away a piece of you again and again. There are days when the abrasive cloth is fine, but there are days when the cloth is coarse and we experience great pain.

In Mark's case, based on the assessment, I already assumed that the feelings and pains he was describing were likely to have caused deeper lesions that he may not even know or feel.

As soon as this was recognised and the situation mapped out, I offered to help. So we started working together. I also call it joint work because an integral part of treatment is to do developmental movements at home.

When Mark arrived at my house, he had a very visible asymmetry at first glance. His right shoulder is about 5 cm lower than the other shoulder. He showed pain at several points. Starting from the neck to the shoulders to the shoulder blade region and extending to the back. During the examination it was found that there were also some restrictions of movement in the pelvic region and thus reduced range of motion. There were already problems in several parts of the spine, which were manifested by pain in response to pressure.

More importantly, however, in many cases where there is a joint block, there are problems with conduction in addition to pain and reduced movement. The way our bodies are built, nerves are wired into our bodies. It is through them that we move, feel, feel cold, etc. It is like a network of roads. If there is a blockage somewhere, for example in a vertebral joint blockage, that road becomes impassable or only partially passable. This can lead to pain and dysfunction in the area where the road network is blocked.

Isn't it gross what changes can happen to your body just from sitting in front of a computer all day in your comfy chair? Unfortunately, sitting too much is even worse than smoking...

In Mark's case, too, several blocks had to be resolved and nerves released using joint manipulation techniques. If these blocks are not released, our body is constantly deformed and asymmetries are created. In many cases they do not cause problems for years, we are not aware of them. And when they do cause problems, it is often the case that more than one area is affected. But Mark could have reasonably thought that sitting in front of the computer could cause problems.

In the vast majority of cases I encounter in my work, these are the problems behind the problems. One-sided work processes. It could be sitting at a desk when you always lean on one hand and thus have a one-sided load every single day. It could be in a physical job where we do the same set of movements for years. This is compounded by a lack of exercise culture and sport.

Throughout the treatment, Mark felt steadily lighter and his pain decreased. At the end of the treatment he said he felt like he could breathe again and could finally breathe again. His posture changed and his shoulders returned to normal. He felt free to move and the pain in certain positions had gone.

Mark, in a small but important step on his own journey, instead of spending hours on the internet trying to fix himself, replaced the constant brainstorming alone with the solution of contacting me with his problem, talking about it and then, seeing the potential to help his situation, we started working together.

If you know yourself, are in pain, or simply feel that something is not working right for you, you should contact me.
During our conversation I can identify what problem you are facing and how I can help you, or if it is not my area of expertise, I can suggest who you should contact.

If the problem already exists, then take action. The worst thing you can do is to think and not act.
Nothing has ever been done in the world by thought.

Picture of Zborai Tamás Péter

Péter Tamás Zborai

My name is Tamás Zborai, I am a chiropractor and manual therapist. I can help you with exactly what you are here for! I will take away your pain and even after just one treatment, I will give you back the pleasure of pain-free life and movement.
Picture of Zborai Tamás Péter

Péter Tamás Zborai

My name is Tamás Zborai, I am a chiropractor and manual therapist. I can help you with exactly what you are here for! I will take away your pain and even after just one treatment, I will give you back the pleasure of pain-free life and movement.

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