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Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to collect the questions frequently asked by my clients,

so that they do not cause you problems anymore!

  • Severe, radiating back pain caused by sitting

  • Waist, spine, sacrum pains
  • Lower back pain radiating to the buttocks and thighs

  • Shoulder pain due to posture problems

  • Alleviation of shoulder pain due to overuse

  • Relaxation of tense muscles due to asymmetrical posture

  • Tennis elbow, golf elbow 

In the vast majority of cases, immediate relief and a feeling of liberation are experienced, in inflammatory cases, the symptoms may intensify the next day, which quickly improve within 1-2 days.

Ruptured disc herniation, open spine, slipped vertebra, acute inflammatory condition, developmental disorder,

in case of fresh injuries, 2 months after surgery, pregnancy, complete paralysis, osteoporosis, those undergoing chemotherapy, arteriosclerosis.

It is recommended to arrive in comfortable, loose clothing.

The price of the treatment is 25.000Ft, which includes the extra treatments (kinesio tape, fascia knife treatment, spitting).

SOS treatment within 24 hours is also available at a cost of HUF 35.000.

You can pay for your treatment by cash or SZÉP card.


SZÉP card

You can book an appointment with me for the treatment by clicking on the link below: Contact

If you need SOS treatment, in this case it is necessary to contact +36 30 489 6252!

Usually 30-45 minutes, but depending on the problem, it can be less or more.

I can tell you how many treatments are recommended during the first treatment, when the problem is revealed. 

In the vast majority of cases, the improvement can be seen even after the first treatment, however, it happens that 2-3 treatments may be recommended.

Important information:
I do not have a medical degree, my treatment
is not considered to be a healing activity and cannot replace it either.