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I am Tamás Zborai

Chiropractics specialist

I help if it hurts, if it's difficult to move, if it is uncomfortable.

Tamás Zborai - Chiropractic Treatment Székesfehérvár

I am Tamás Zborai

Chiropractics specialist

I help if it hurts, if it's difficult to move, if it is uncomfortable.

About the Zborai method:

Treatment begins with a health assessment. I localize the source of the pain through movement and muscle tests and then by palpation. To get to know the problem, I set up the treatment plan, which we discuss in detail.

Techniques used in my method are: chiropractic, manual therapy, cupping, fascia relaxation, kinesio taping. I compile the necessary steps from these techniques.

During the first condition assessment and treatment, I determine whether further treatment is necessary.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment

A chiropractor helps in a natural way with musculoskeletal diseases related to knees and shoulders, hands (e.g. wrists, elbows), spine, hips and back.



Cupping is an effective method that has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient China, a procedure that has been developed for thousands of years, and which can especially help in the treatment of pain when the muscles are stiff.

Kinesio Tape

You must have seen athletes (football players, handball players) who were wearing different coloured tapes on their bodies. These are specially applied kinesio tapes that help relieve strained muscles.

Fascia knife treatment Székesfehérvár

Fascia knife

Fascia knife treatments are collectively known as FDM therapy. This is an extremely effective pain-relieving treatment, which can be painful in a strange way, but it goes away quickly and the underlying pain can also decrease.

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How to book?

01. Booking an appointment is possible via my e-mail address or by phone.

02. If you prefer e-mails, tamas@zboraimodszer.hu stating when you would like to come for treatment.

03. If you prefer to make an appointment verbally, you can also call me by clicking the button below.

The price of the treatment is 25.000 HUF.
SOS treatment within 24 hours costs 35.000 HUF.

Location of treatments

The treatment room is in Ligetsor 1-2, Székesfehérvár , it is in the TOMFIT gym. The route can be easily planned with the help of the map, and parking around the building is free of charge.