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Hello, I am Péter Tamás Zborai, Chiropractor and SMT Manual Therapist.

We can look for a solution to the exact problem for which you have just visited my site. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you eliminate your pain and return you to a pain-free life and the joy of movement even after just one treatment.

I was always interested in the functioning of the human body, anatomy and kinesiology. I started my career as a specialist nurse in an intensive care unit, and later I worked with injured and amputated people, helping them to have a more comfortable quality of life by making prostheses. Currently, I have been working as a coach for a long time, and I continue to see it as my mission to help people. One of the main goals of my personal training is to improve the mobilization of muscles and joints. My belief and inner motivation do not allow me to stop, so I obtained a chiropractic degree and using my previous experience I know that I can do much more against pain.

Tamás Péter Zborai - Chiropractic Specialist
Chiropractic treatment Székesfehérvár

During the treatment, I may twist your body into almost impossible poses, you may crack or crackle. If necessary, I will pull it here and there, and there may be times when I will pull and then twist at other times.

It can also happen that sometimes I cause (good) pain, something that quickly passes and is replaced by a light, painless feeling. In exchange for minimal discomfort, the pain in the neck or lower back can go away, the restricted movement ceases, and the mental burden in which compromises had to be made in everyday movement due to the pain also ceases.

Chiropractic treatment Székesfehérvár

After the treatments,
After the treatments, I can give you back the joy of pain-free movement!

Do not expose yourself to the digestive side effects of pain
and "it will pass" should not be a solution either. Call me and I will help!

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