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The Fascia Knife Treatment

Fascia knife treatments are collectively known as FDM therapy. This is an extremely effective pain-relieving treatment, which can be painful in a strange way, but it goes away quickly and the underlying pain can also decrease.

FDM treatments are most effective if you feel pain along a line, or if you have a stabbing pain at one point, if a limb is numb or tingling, and even if you have restricted muscle movement even though you are not in pain.

Fascia knife treatment
Chiropractic treatment Székesfehérvár

How does the treatment happen?

Although you do not have to be afraid of the knife itself, the fascia knife treatment always involves noticeable pain: as a therapist, on a scale of 10, I would put this pain between a 6-7 grade. Although the treatment can be unpleasant, it is worth it, since it is precisely with this pain that we eliminate the pain points radiating from deeper upwards. 

I do the treatment on its own, but it is most effective when it is considered as part of complex therapy and is an element of it. 

Chiropractic treatment Székesfehérvár

After the treatments, I can give you back the joy of pain-free movement!

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