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Your car and your body, from a chiropractor's point of view

If you've read any chiropractic blogs and articles you'll have noticed that we sometimes seem a bit mundane and unprofessional when writing about chiropractic itself, its advantages and disadvantages. We're doing it differently: comparing your body to a car. Sounds interesting? It will be!


When do you take your car in for a service?

A mechanic friend of mine told me that there are practically three types of people who go to a garage, and that each person can tell which one they belong to from a distance. The first group are those who bring their car to the garage on a regular basis, at set intervals, because it is important to them that it is in perfect condition. They have their tyres changed, their car serviced, winter or even summer preparation, the air conditioner topped up, the brake fluid changed: they take care of their car.

The second is for people who come when something is wrong. They skip the annual (recommended) check-up and don't even necessarily go to the garage to change a wheel, but as soon as they hear a knock, rattle or any other anomaly they bring the car in to prevent a bigger problem (and they don't try to fix it themselves).

The third group are the procrastinators, who tinker, fidget, ignore the signs, and then don't know what to do if things suddenly get too bad.

And how does the car relate to your body?


When do you take your body in for a service?

You know that just like your car, your body needs servicing from time to time. And just like in car servicing, people in 'body servicing' have a similar mindset.

Some people come to me regularly for chiropractic care. Some come because they want to feel good, others come to refresh, and some come because they have decided they deserve it. They are acquaintances, we have met several times.

The second group (as with the mechanic) includes those who go to the chiropractor when they see trouble. When they have a sudden shooting pain, or simply "things aren't working the way they used to", or they have a specific problem.

By now you've probably guessed that the third group are those who come (you know, like in the service station) when there's a big problem. Typically they have been living with pain, limited movement, unpleasant symptoms for many weeks or months (but some for years) and have a serious(ish) problem to fix.

So the question is: when are you going to get your body serviced?


What is a good tactic: when to go to the chiropractor?

It's best to be in the first group and to come to my place for a (refreshing) chiropractic session from time to time. I know there are always lots of other things to do, but it's important to take those 1-2 hours: your body deserves it.

Of course, I can help you when you are already in pain or have a problem and also when you arrive in a neglected body full of pain and compromise, but prevention is the most important thing.


How to avoid the chiropractor?

If you overdrive your car: accelerate, slam on the brakes, bump into something, put thousands of kilometres on it, don't change the brake oil, don't change the engine oil, or even don't clean it, it's not going to be happy and it's going to break down sooner or later, right?

So is your body. Give it time, exercise (even just a long walk or a bike ride is enough), avoid stress (of course, this is near impossible) because it can "set" your muscles, get good sleep, rest when you can.

If you take these and stick to them, chances are you'll have fewer problems and less need to see me. Of course, it's still worth it.

When do you take your body in for a service? I look forward to seeing you!

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